Linda was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a prominent lawyer and lived in the suburbs of the city, leading a rather typical, upper-middle-class lifestyle until her move to New York City at the age of eighteen.

At the age of five, encouraged by her mother, Linda began studying tap, ballet, and acrobatics at a local neighborhood school. But it was the ballet which became the driving force of her life for the next twenty-five years, consuming all of the hours that she did not spend in studying to maintain her almost straight “A” average through high school, college, and graduate school.

After arriving in New York City, Linda pursued both her ballet studies and the completion of her B.A. degree in mathematics at New York University, followed by an M.A. degree in mathematics, also at New York University. During this period, her time was divided between university classes, ballet classes, and auditions for major national and international ballet companies

At age twenty-one, although an excellent and talented dancer, Linda, after several years of auditioning for ballet companies with little or no success and with pressure from her family to choose a career related to her university studies, gave up her lifelong dream of becoming a ballet dancer and began a career with the IBM Corporation in computer software development. Linda, nevertheless, continued taking classes every day until the age of thirty, when, severely injured, she was forced to give up the ballet completely. Her career with IBM -- over twenty years -- both rewarding and challenging, brought her the financial security to actively continue her lifelong, varied interests in the arts.

Presently, Linda lives in New York City and is an aspiring writer, having written and published two novels, a book of short stories, a novella, and a beautiful picture book of photography: The Impassioned Escapades of Caroline W., Dissection of Desire, Obscure Corners and Crevices, The Finale's Master Stroke, and Linda-Breach of Beauty. Currently, she is working on another book of short stories. 

Linda also works professionally with her partner, Lance Lee, as a model and graphics artist for his photography. Their collaboration has produced a prodigious body of work which has been displayed on the Internet, Libido Magazine, the Salmagundi Gallery (NYC) and the Photo District Gallery (NYC). Linda is a model for the nationally acclaimed photographer, Tanyth Berkeley. A photo for which she modeled with Berkeley was bought by the famous London art collector, Charles Saatchi, for his permanent collection. Linda also models for the notable British photographer, Annie Collinge, who exhibits her work around the world, the internet, and in art and fashion magazines. Recently Linda also began shooting with the recognized photographer, Elizabeth Bick. Linda did a fashion shot with both Jamie Hawkesworth and Luke Guilford.  

Linda also pursues acting as an avocation and has acted in minor roles in numerous university and independent films.  In 2004, Linda was listed in the Marquis 2004 edition of WHO’S WHO in AMERICA for outstanding lifetime achievement.