Lance Lee is a creative and gifted photographer currently living and working in New York City. He holds two degrees in computer science from the City College of New York and worked for a major, international corporation as a computer expert. His works have been seen on the internet, Libido Magazine, The Salmagundi Gallery in New York City, and the Photo District Gallery in New York City.

Lance’s interest in photography began in his early high school days when he would traverse the streets, parks, and beaches around the city shooting the faces and bodies of people he observed and found exceptionally unique. The face and body have always been his favorite subject and medium.

When Lance first met Linda, an ex-ballet dancer and model, he was obsessed with her demeanor, unusual face, and sleek, agile body. Spending much of his time with Linda, Lance became aware of the fact that, because of her singular and unusual physical appearance and demeanor, Linda commanded the interest and attention of the public wherever she went, eliciting prodigious amounts of unsolicited attention, stares, and comments. Noting the strange charisma which Linda seemed to possess -- charisma that compelled people to look, to question, to want to know more -- Lance began what was to be a 25 year project of shooting Linda … only Linda, in all her unique aspects.

Mr. Lee has worked to create a unique body of unusual works with Linda as his only subject -- expressions ranging from sheer elegance, classic female beauty, seductiveness, dreaminess, haughtiness, and raw sexuality to expressions of evil, perversions, the after-life, ghostliness, the nether-world, malevolence, and sheer disfigurement and grotesqueness. Nevertheless, whatever the theme or mood of the work, the underlying current is that of the ultimate beauty of the human female as expressed through the mesmerizing uniqueness of a most singular individual. 

Mr. Lee, in all his work, attempts to capture images that are dark, mysterious, and lacking in crystal clarity so as to impart an artistic, non-photographic look -- almost more like a painting than a crystal clear photograph. He particularly enjoys working with dramatic colors and shadings. Lush colors and theatrical lighting enhance the emotional state conveyed in all his work. Because of the attention his model commands wherever she goes, Lance Lee believes he has found a subject which will likewise command the attention and acclaim of the public.

“They are compelled to look at the real  … so must they of the images.”